Our Why.

We exist to help elevate Motion Design in all its forms. United by a shared passion for creative expression, the Motion Awards celebrate achievements that help propel the industry forward.

Your Why.

Reach the summit.

The Motion Awards by Motionographer is the only awards show that celebrates the entire landscape of Motion Design; it’s widely considered the highest recognition in the industry.

Be seen by the best.

Just being nominated for an award can give a studio or artist worldwide exposure. We enlist over 200 judges from countries spanning six continents, representing the upper echelon of talent in design, animation, and visual storytelling. The depth of our roster, which includes former nominees and winners, ensures credibility and trust in the eyes of the industry.

Immortalize your work.

Become part of Motion Design history. 

Winners will be added to the permanent online archive of The Motion Awards and Motionographer. Winners will also get invited to become a part of the prestigious group of judges for next year’s Motion Awards.

Contribute to the ecosystem.

Just by entering, you’re fuelling the future.

Proceeds from The Motion Awards go back into Motionographer and The Motion Awards, funding the development of new content, tools, and resources for the Motion Design community.

If you want to be part of Motion Design history, click here to get more information.