VICE Global Logo IDs » Vice Visual Studio

Category Description

A series of identification spots created for a television or streaming channel

Project Description

The VICE global logo ID project is a collection of animated VICE logos that showcase a range of talented artists from around the world, with no boundaries. The goal is to create an ongoing collaborative channel that will elevate the visionary spirit of the brand, while celebrating the voices of the global creative community.


Global ID credits:
Julie Ruiz: VP Creative Director / Global Design Assaf Clements: Creative Director
Francisco Lopez: Creative Director
Eric Bubas: Art Director
Victoire Coyon: Art Director
Alec Martin: Manager, Creative Production Nina Randall: Design Producer
Madeline Concannon: Design Coordinator Jodi Cailler: Design Producer

Cole Montminy: Designer
Dina Amin: Designer
Amanda Bonaiuto
Huw Messie: Designer
Cole Kush: Designer
Matthias Brown: Designer
Thami Nabil: Designer
Loe Lee: Designer
Yonk: Designer
James Kerr “Scorpion Dagger”: Designer Baku Hashimoto: Designer
Kelli Anderson: Designer

Curtis Brown: Designer Assaf Clements: Designer

Christian Kudra: Sound Designer Paul Decegli :Sound Designer
Sri Rao: Sound Designer