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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to brand an entire television or streaming channel.

Project Description

We wanted a new look and feel for our TV1000 family of 4 movie channels, that reflected and enhanced the experience of watching movies at home.

The re-designed logo and new on-screen package, social and digital and dynamic branding were developed entirely in-house. The new logos were designed to be digital-first and bring a freshness and a boldness to the brands. They were integrated into a kit that with a simple, sharp and premium feel.

To create a complete set of 20 idents, while offering creative scope for expansion, we partnered with 17Mars. The studio used a single camera movement around the channels’ star/circle mark set in a succession of cinematic universes, each referencing a recognisable genre or theme, with its own graphic style, sound design and complemented by a unique musical theme for each channel. Each ident closes with the re-designed logo at its centre.


Paul Evans – Viasat World Ltd – VP Creative
Keith Livingstone – Viasat World Ltd – Design Creative
Aleksandra Terczynska – Viasat World Ltd – Production Manager
Géraldine Karolyi – 17Mars – Creative Director
Hugues Fouet – 17Mars – Creative Producer