This Tape Deck is a Time Machine (Teaser) » Nexus Studios

Category Description

A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show.

Project Description

Directed by Patrick Osborne and produced at Nexus Studios using Unreal Engine, this coming-of-age adventure follows a time-jumping teen who is transported into moments of other people’s lives by songs played on a tape deck. At its heart, ‘This Tape Deck is a Time Machine’ is an impossible tale of friendship and love centred around soulmates born generations apart. The cast are a diverse group of misfits, inspired by Patrick’s friends throughout his adolescent years. This teaser is a taste of what’s to come. Patrick led a team of expert Real-Time artists and creators at Nexus Studios, who embraced the unique challenge of crafting the ‘Tape Deck’ world with a refined 2D aesthetic, created entirely in the Unreal Engine with no compositing. The team developed bespoke shading techniques to achieve the painterly and naturalistic quality, leveraging the visual potential of the engine to make high quality stylized animation.


Production company: Nexus Studios
Director & Writer: Patrick Osborne
Executive Producers: Diego Rosner, Chris O’Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso
Executive Producer & Producer: Julia Parfitt
Production Manager: Edith Chappey
CG Supervisor: Dave Hunt
Art Director: Callum Strachan
Character Designer: Uwe Heidschoetter
Concept Artist & Matte Painter Graphic Designer: Brandon Coates Ieuan Lewis Unreal Generalist: Christian Johnson
Tech Artist / Real-time Graphic: John O’Really
Character Modelling: Stefano Dubay, Florian Caspar
Rigging: Victor Vinyals
Environment Modelling & Texturing: Fabien Glasse, Hannah Wahlers, May Iren Vedal Lorentsen, Ashley Wade
Animation: Conor Ryan, Clément Fassler, Aziz Kocanaogullari
VFX: Tim Bacon

Unreal Artist: Zach Hewett
Unreal & 3D Pipeline: Tom Melson, Patrick Hearn Pipeline Assistant: Harry Nichols
Composition & Sound Design: Fonic