The Transatlantic Slave Trade » Chris Carboni

Category Description

Any short form self contained piece with a narrative emphasis

Project Description

We partnered with The Equal Justice Initiative to create a film series about the history of slavery in America. “The Transatlantic Slave Trade” is one of several films created for this project, all of which can be viewed at the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. This is a film about the many disparate participants who’s combined actions allowed slavery to function in America, and the elaborate false narrative put in place to gain public support for the enslavement of Black people – the results of which continue to shape American life today.


Client: The Equal Justice Initiative
Creative Agency: Reunion
Music & Sound: Sanctus
Voice: Don Cheadle

Reunion Team:
Director: Chris Carboni
Producer: John Bega
Art Director: Elena Chudoba
Designers: Elena Chudoba, Heather Aquino, Chris Carboni
Animation Lead: Andy Kennedy
Animators: Andy Kennedy, Joey Gasiorek, Matt Choi, Elaine Lee, Chris Carboni

Sanctus Team:
Composer: Wes Slover
Sound Designer: Trevor Richardson