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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to brand and/or present information within a television or streaming show

Project Description

The MasterClass team was excited to lean into retro-futurism for the Bill Nye Class. The centerpiece of each science deep dive in this Bill Nye class is a macro dolly shot using the Laowa 24mm Probe Lens, “bringing us into the science” and providing a unique perspective on the mundane. The practical shots for the Lesson Title Graphics are contrasted by the rest of the package that utilizes hand illustrated visuals inspired by old science books and futuristic UI Overlays.


“Created at MasterClass.

Creative Direction/Director: Nicole Rittenmeyer
Co-Creative Director: James Buchanan
Creative Producer/Director: Tucker Bowen

Executive Creative Director: Lauren Fundora
GFX Producer: Adriana Blancarte
Art Direction: Alex Cugno
Lead Design, Animation and VFX Comping: Jessica Powell
Illustrations: Heather Hardison
Director of Photography: JP Perry
VFX Tracking, Cleanup and Comping: Christopher Joseph Vranos

Reel Music
“”One Moment In Time”” by All Good Folks”