Category Description

A single spot created to promote a game

Project Description

Revenant was commissioned by Vietnam based blockchain games company ‘Iron Sail’ to create a cinematic CG trailer that would introduce their new website and strengthen their brand identity. The company houses a lot of different NFT games, with each having there own individual aesthetic. Our aim was to house them under one sophisticated style that would unify the Iron Sail umbrella, appealing to their user market and paving the way for future campaigns.


Alex Rych Art Director,
Kev McCrae Creative Director,
Olaf Blomerus VFX Director,
Antonio Esparza Concept Designer/Character Artist,
Lucas Salamon 3D Modeller,
Jesus Montesinos 3D Modeller,
Thomas Ross 3D Modeller,
Dan Harper Senior Designer,
Craig Simmers 3D Artist,
Oskar Rene Fulop 3D Artist,
Sesshu Abe UI Designer,
Dom Brooks 2D Artist,
Boyang Y Houdini Artist,
Joey Kowalewicz Houdini FX TD,
Luke Angus Character/Creature Animator,
Rafael Monteiro Bicalho Motorcycle Concept Designer,
Nicole Anderson (Blackwood) Animation Producer,
Simone Vallecorsa (AEPH) Music & Sound Design,
Von Wager Voiceover Artist