Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to present information within a news program for television or streaming

Project Description

The Deep Dive is a series in which correspondents report on decades-long issues and on- going problems that extend well-beyond a standard, fast-paced news cycle. The graphics and branding for this series echo that longer time frame by utilizing elements that allude to archival photo infrastructures such as microfiche carousel motions, binocular lens mattes and other optics-based motifs that highlight the immersive, research-intensive nature of the content. We created a branding treatment for archival media, specifically templates that allowed producers and editors maximum flexibility in the edit. Graphics helped present data- rich narratives in easy, digestible visuals. Additionally, we created a fully modular sequence with exchangeable media allowing animators to build quick, bespoke opens for each episode.


Senior Creative Director: Ana Simões
Graphic Designer: Joana Sobral
Motion Designer: Rio Roye