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Any short form project exploring novel aesthetics, production methodologies and/or technologies

Project Description

Always moving. Always evolving. Always curious. At Raxo, we have fun with the many forms design can take, and we always look for more. We get better because we stay in love with our craft, its versatility and its fluidity.

‘Always Curious’ is the result of a 4 month combined team effort in which each of the members of our creative team developed a proposal, using different aesthetics and design techniques. Each individual proposal was then enriched by the feedback of our Creative Director, but also by the suggestions of the rest of the Raxo family – when we say we multi- task, we mean it.

The final result: an amalgam of styles that offers a unique visual experience, a.k.a. a fun ride. This project is a huge collaboration that came to life after months of hard work, thanks to the brilliance of our animation team.


DIRECTION Oscar Rivera Manuel Freixas

Oscar Rivera
Manuel Freixas
Joel Hernández
Juan Paolantonio
Luciana Miglioranza
Luciana Florio
Federico Sánchez
Sarahí Siracusa
Joaquín Testa
Ricardo Vitos

Jon Berrío Emilia Tornello

Ricardo Vitos
Joaquín Testa
Pablo López
Oscar Rivera


Yan Carlos Colón León
Maximilian Juliá
Daniel Ortíz – Sonido Sistema